Taking the plunge……

Yep, I’ve taken the plunge…..into DCC.

After conversations with Geoff Taylor and Steve Fay, I realised that DCC was the way I wanted to go. I had dabbled in DCC in the past with Leaman Road. The issues I had found back then, were more down to the fact the layout was kept in a dusty environment which effected running. I had sold the NCE system, so decided to go for something different. Geoff is an advocate of Lenz and after some research, it was hard to find anything negative about the German company.

The hand controller I really liked was the LH 90 with rotary knob, rather than pressure pad. Sadly it seems to have recently become discontinued with not many places having it stock….however an enquiry to Coastal DCC found they had two left in stock…… I bit the bullet.


I can’t fault Coastal DCC in the slightest, excellent communication and next day delivery.

Thankfully I still have the majority of my TCS decoders so there shall not be any expenditure there. Geoff has kindly offered to programme my Pannier’s when I visit his stunning layout ‘Barmouth Junction’ at the end of the month.

Hopefully I should have my baseboards in the coming month…..Cwm Prysor is almost ready to start work on. 🙂



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