Building my first etched coach, Comet Models E147

Work is going well with my first etched coach kit, ex GWR ‘E147’.

Strictly speaking, this isn’t a coach that I believe worked on the Bala-Blaenau Branch but it a variety of Non Corridor Brake Composite. The two most common coaches used on the line are not produced in model form, those being the Collett E157 and Hawksworth E167. E147 is quite similar to the E157 plus they did work in Wales, a touch further south (have a look at Mr Geoff Forster’s beautiful Llangunllo layout to see an E147 in it’s natural environment.)


It is now ready to have the roof glued in place before building up the under frame. I did have a touch of help from Tony Wright on assembling the actual body of the coach, however all the soldering work on the sides was done by yours truly.

Regarding the E157 and E167 that I will be needing. I have commissioned Worsley Works to produce etched sides and ends. In the meantime, this gives me my first go at building an etched coach, to a diagram very similar, which may have worked the line.


9 thoughts on “Building my first etched coach, Comet Models E147

    • Most kind, although I’m not sure you will learn much from my fumblings. What I have found useful is the Comet guide to building coaches, which can be downloaded as a PDF from their site (I think it’s on the old Comet site, not the Wizard Models sight).



  1. Nice work Tom, are you hooked on etched coach construction now ? 🙂 To the best of my knowledge the E147 isn’t particularly right for my layout either but its an attractive little coach and ideal for a small layout.

    The Comet kits are very well designed aren’t they, I’m currently enjoying building their A44 driving trailer, which again isn’t really correct for my layout but its different from the usual autocoach and so I’m happy to compromise.

    I would appreciate you mailing me once Alan has sorted out the E157 etch if you would, as I want one of those myself.

    Thanks in advance

    • Cheers Geoff.
      I very much am enjoying building this coach. There is far more enjoyment in making something yourself, I enjoy soldering, so even tedious things such as hinges aren’t too bad.

      I’ve had a look at the under frame, and although it seems straight forward, I’ve asked Tony if I can come down in a couple of weeks and he can oversee me making it up. It will mean I know what to expect in the future.

      Alan’s been in touch and will contact me next week to go through things properly, but it looks like he is close to etching.



      • Thanks for the update as regards the E157 Tom, it might turn out to be an early Christmas present to myself if he’s close to etching 🙂

        You are right about building things for yourself, its very satisfying. Points next and then a simple loco chassis perhaps? If you can manage a Comet coach then you can certainly build a chassis.


      • I did a chassis a couple of years ago, made it up myself and Tony helped me wire it (was a North Eastern J25….from my dark past).

        There are a number of Blood and Custard coaches seen on the branch, a number of which are available from Comet, so I’ll be tackling them over the next year. Priority coach wise though, is going to be the E157 and E167 stock, as they are most notable in the late 50s.

        Hopefully should have the Cwm Prysor boards by the end of the month.

  2. What I find amazing is that in such a short time from making your initial decision to model this line, you have acquired knowledge sufficiently deep enough to know which diagrams of brake composites to model! Can you share the source?

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