Building E147…progress continues….

This wasn’t what was originally planned as an entry today. Instead I was going to be doing the follow up post to the visit to Wales, and location spotting for the Cwm Prysor extension. I’ll do an entry on that later in the week.

In the meantime, I recently visited Mr Tony Wright for some more tuition, this time on making the under frame for my Comet Kit, E147 Brake Composite. The task in hand wasn’t exactly difficult, but I felt better having someone keep an eye on me, and help where it was needed. Tony formed one side of the sole bars, and I did the other. Tony made up the bogies to save time but we did discover the supports were not long enough and therefore the bogie was interfering with the sole bars. Tony made up some makeshift padding from old plastic bogies, which solved the problem.

Tony marked out the first couple of holes for the ventilators and I did the rest. Below is how she looked at the end of the day.



©Tony Wright

Since then, I’ve added the buffer beam, buffers and masokit screw links. I’ll be adding the ventilators shortly before adding the under frame detail and interior.

It’s very rewarding to have a Collett Brake Composite for the layout, as they made up most of the passenger trains on the Bala-Blaenau Branch. It’s also rather nice that one coach, makes one train! 😉


2 thoughts on “Building E147…progress continues….

  1. Your E147 is looking very nice Tom, the bogies also interfered with the sole bars on my E147 and on the A44 which I’ve just completed, to get around the problem I use to pieces of copperclad sheet, I glue them to the floor and then drill a hole for the bogie pivot screw and its job done 🙂

    I love the feel and look of a metal coach and those bogies run ever so smoothly, roll on the E157 🙂
    Talking of which, is Alan just doing the sides and ends to suit a Comet underframe and roof, etc, etc ?


  2. Good to know it wasn’t just Tony and I that had the issue with the bogies. Tony did precisely what you did, but used some scrap bogies and cut out the centres to make a small piece with a hole in.

    Regarding Worsely Works, yes they are just doing the ends and sides. The only thing I’m unsure about is the E167 which is 63ft long. The suitable Comet under frame makes 64ft/61ft or 60ft, so may need some adjustments.

    Allen says the etches will be going in on the next available sheet of 0.012″ brass. 🙂

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