All crewed up!

I’ve spent the last few days painting up the first of Modelu’s commercial figures. You may remember Alan allowed me to paint a few of his prototypes which can be found here.

At the time, I was amazed with the prototypes, but these retail examples really are a step up in detail.


I initially give them a coat of Halford’s Acrylic Primer, before painting up with a mixture of my chosen paints, enamels.

I have to say, my favourite is the guard who does looks cold, tired and peeved off!

For more info on the Modelu range, take a look at the website here.


4 thoughts on “All crewed up!

    • Hi James
      I initially prime them with white Halfords Acrylic Primer. Next I do a skin colour mix for head and hands. This is followed with the shirts (white) before working on the overalls, boots and hat. Once dry I give them a spray off dullcoat varnish, before finally giving them a dirty wash, with matt black mixed with white spirit.

      I hope that helps 🙂


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