On Track-Part 1

On this coming Saturday, Mr Andy Cooper is visiting to kindly give me a hand building the points on Cwm Prysor. I’ve never done this before so it will be a good learning experience. Andy set me my homework, to glue the timber sleepers into place, which makes things a lot easier come the weekend.


I have to say, I have found the whole thing rather therapeutic, and not a chore in the slightest. The main points themselves are two ‘B8’ turnouts, which I acquired from Timber Tracks. The trap points are made up of timber section from the Scale Four Society.




Published by Tom Foster

Musician and Modeller of 4mm

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    1. Ha yeah!
      It’s the builders insulation polystyrene (purchased from Wickes) and comes in massive sheets. It was somewhat embarrassing that I had to break the sheets in two, in store to carry it. Plus have to then break it into lots of smaller parts in the car park to fit it into my hatchback! 🙂

    1. Cheers guys. Yeah I must admit, I’m pleased how it’s looking so far.

      Nearly a year and a half into my plan to do something smaller and not LNER Main Line. I honestly have no regrets, best modelling decision I ever made! 🙂

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