Trip to Stafford and Cwm Prysor’s future

Last weekend I took the trip to Stafford Model Railway Circle’s  Annual Exhibition. I was in two minds about taking the trip with the stormy weather forecast. I took the decision to go, and I’m glad I did. I had visited Stafford two years ago as an operator with Gresley Beat, and didn’t get chance to see much of the show. This year I went as a punter, and very much enjoyed it. I left the house early for the trip South, and arrived at 8.45 and thankfully was able to park on tarmac. The Staffordshire Showgrounds parking is designed for grass parking, and you can imagine the state of the ground with the current weather.

The stand out layout for me, was possibly one of the smallest, the P4 layout ‘Cheddar’. Beautiful modelling, which draws you in. The back scene is a piece artwork in itself. Photos of which can be found hereTrade wasn’t bad, some specialist and a fair amount of RTR traders. Personally I would have liked more specialist traders, but it’s the way of the hobby, with the likes of the fine scale shows being their more likely home now.

The highlight overall though, was the social side of things. It was good to see Alan Buttler, Geoff Taylor and the gang from Mid Wales. Good banter all around! I have to say though, I’ve never spent so little at a show, £1 on 10A scalpel blades. I take this as a positive shift in my modelling, not like the early years when I would have to buy a loco at a show.

Regarding Cwm Prysor, the tag line sounds quite serious, although it’s far from it. Realistically, the layout can not stay in my work room. There isn’t space for the fiddle yards, and it is certainly not going to do the layout any good being transported along a narrow landing and stair way each time I have a show. So, plans are a foot in the garden…..



Trees are gone to make way…..make way for something else! 😉

(oh yes and as you can see, I did break the garden fork in the process)


One thought on “Trip to Stafford and Cwm Prysor’s future

  1. I once broke a fork so that it only had three prongs and thereby became a threek. Then another broke off thereby becoming a took. Fortunately no more broke or it would have become a …………

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