The LMS Brigade


Like many things, variety is the spice of life as they say. I find that I go through phases of what I enjoy modelling. Occasionally I fancy working on a Pannier, other times rolling stock and currently, it’s vans that have my attention. I find Vans in particular interesting (I blame that Pennine chap!), in particular those of the former London Midland and Scottish Railway.

I think it’s the distinctive high sides and shallow roof profile that appeals. It’s just over a year since I built my first wagon kit, a Ratio LMS Van. It was a rewarding experience since the current RTR version is wrong (ex Mainline and currently in the Bachmann range).


Next up is something a bit different. The body is the old airfix model (now available from Dapol). It depicts a BR Dia 1/204 which although built by BR, is very much an LMS design. The under frame is Parkside Dundas’s PA16 chassis kit, buffer beam fabricated from Plasistruct channel, with Lanarkshire Models Buffers/Vac pipes and masokit screw links to finish. For more information on the subject of this conversion, check out Ian’s blog post on the LMS van varieties.


Next up is a Van I built just under a year ago (I think it was my second wagon build) and is a Cambrian Models kit. It represents  D1664, a modified Midland design. I only got around to painting this a month ago (during a batch session I painted a V16 Mink and Bachmann Toad). I intend to get this Van numbered up and weathered in the coming weeks. Construction wise it didn’t go together as easily as the Ratio van, although in some ways a challenging kit becomes that little bit more rewarding.


Finally, another Cambrian kit. and in this case it was the first corrugated ended van the LMS built I believe, a D1663. I have literally built this today and have the under frame detail to work on next. I’m going to build this as a fitted example, to be finished in Bauxite. Buffers are from Lanarkshire Models once again.


I’ve put a further order in for some more LMS vans from the Cambrian range, generally of the older diagrams. Meanwhile, I am also working on another Ratio Van with Parkside under frame. It’s a case of now is the time for getting the bulk of the goods stock underway, because once the Spring arrives and Cwm Prysor moves to it’s new home, layout work will be taking priority.


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