All Railways Great and Small

Last weekend, I spent an enjoyable time in that wonderful country, Wales. The two days were spent admiring railways in 4mm and Standard Gauge. The plan had initially been made for me to also make a visit up to Cwm Prysor but the weather showed snow….so plans were changed!

Saturday, Alan Buttler and I headed over to Geoff Taylor’s for some banter and chin wagging. Geoff kindly programmed two of my panniers, 4645 and 9793. 7428 was also taken along for some posing. Many thanks again to Geoff, for letting me run and pose my stock on the layout. Also thanks to Alan for allowing me to share his photos, the guy really does have an eye for photography.

4645 with a pick up goods passes the Mawddach Estuary.


7428 passes the George Hotel at Penmaenpool 


My 16T and the ex Pontypool PO trundle by



Sunday saw Alan and I heading off for a lovely day on the Llangollen Railway and their Spring Gala. The whole thing had a Cambrian theme which was simply perfection! Seeing two Manor’s in BR Black, on their former stomping ground was something that wasn’t too be missed. The highlight for me though, was a return journey in a Toad Brake Van. It’s something I had always fancied, but never had the opportunity to do before. Once again, thanks to Alan for allowing me to share his photos.

7820 at Llangollen Station….to think where the railway has come in 40 years.

Double headed Manor’s….a pure spectacle! 


The Cambrian Coast Express arrives at Carrog Station.


A timeless scene at Carrog, time travel is possible!


Special thanks to Matt Davies, and his colleagues for creating a truly wonderfully themed Gala. Was a cracking day and weekend all round.

On that note, better head off ready for tomorrow’s visit to Scale Four North.


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