Cwm Prysor – Track Laying

Today I finished the laying of the track on the Main Line. It generally went well, although a touch of fettling was required on the track that crosses the baseboard join.

As some of you may know, the loop at Cwm Prysor was taken out in 1951, leaving a dead end siding. It had niggled me I was modelling the 1950s and retaining the loop.
From a practical route I’ve decided to model it as a siding. This makes no need for a control panel, a cobalt lever will suffice, and trying to find a time for a friend to come up to finish the points was looking difficult. The point that needs to stay only needs switch blades and check rails to finish, the other had hardly been done so easy enough to remove the timber sleepers. So it’s a big enough job I feel comfortable with taking on.
This is my first proper layout, I’ve never wired before so on this one, I wanted it be as simple as possible. I can still shunt on down trains and still run all the existing stock as planned, and it’s more accurate for 1950s Cwm Prysor.



I’m rather pleased with how the timber sleepers now match up to the SMP track work. In the next day or so I’m going to make the Lanarkshire Models GWR Buffer stop up, and then begin laying the siding, making the trap points and finally finishing the point.


A friend I hadn’t seen for some time came over today to drop back my Noch Grassmaster. I brought him to see the layout and the first thing he said was ‘is it P4 or EM’, it just shows the effect making your own points and fine scale track can have, even in OO.

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