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I’m a 30 year old who wishes he was 10 years old and was train spotting in the 1950’s. I enjoy most things about Steam and Railways of the UK up to the mid 1960s. Up until recently I had been very much an LNER enthusiast with the railways around York, the North and East Ridings being of most interest. 18 months ago, I went full change and now model the ex Great Western Railway in North Wales.

As I’m originally from the North West of England, I have a passing fondness for ex LMS locomotives and the lines around Preston, Blackpool and the North Wales Coast.

I love modelling steam and my main area of work is weathering locos. I’m also moving to modifying RTR (Ready to Run locomotives) and into the realms of Kit Building.

When I’m not modelling….I’m earning a living teaching violin in schools across North Yorkshire.


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  1. Excellent modelling and as someone who did the York scene in the late 50s and 60s I can see where you are coming from. My friend and I, who now lives in the US, used to cycle there every school day (and others) to see what was in the yards. We would often ‘bunk’ the shed now the NRM usually on a Sunday. Aged 5 or 6 I would sing to my father ‘Can we go to Leeman Road’ and off we would go, me on the crossbar of his bike. I’m still going there though by different means.
    Just one word about accuracy it is Leeman Road not Leaman as in your text. I think Leeman was a originally a railway worthy around York. I model North East Wales in the 1930s where the GWR, LNER and LMS met which is where I now live.

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