Enjoying the Hobby

Apologies for the rather ‘basic’ title of this blog, but it sums up how I’m feeling at the point. I have now finished the landscaping on the other board that runs behind the railway. I’m rather pleased with the results from this, which was probably the hardest task landscape wise. The landscaping in front of the […]

Mineral Wagons – Part 1

Keeping with the rolling stock theme in mind, I’ve moved my attention to mineral wagons. I don’t need a mass of them, but I certainly need a few (one/two per pick up goods). To be honest, I’ve been putting off working on a 16T, as I knew I would be venturing into new ground….certainly not a […]

Prysor for Christmas

Good tidings to all at this festive time of year. In the last couple of days I’ve been preparing the work room for the arrival of the layout. Tim Horn has worked exceptionally hard to bring my rough ideas into reality. From here, the real work can begin on turing this into an operational layout, […]

74XX crewed and ready for Cwm Prysor

I’m currently full of a cold, and just thankful I’ve caught it while it’s the weekend, before I start back at work. It’s inevitable in my job, and there have been plenty of kids sneezing and coughing in my proximity this last week or so. So while feeling like ‘death warmed up’ I decided to […]

Bachmann 74XX from a 64XX

The 74XX is finally finished. This has been a truly rewarding project, one I wasn’t convinced I’d be capable enough to complete to a satisfactory finish. Without going over too much old ground, the principle difference in the 74XX (other than no autogear) was the cab join between the bunker at a right angle, not […]

5742 crewed and ready for North Wales

Morning all! As a follow on from my blog post earlier this week on Alan Buttler’s excellent Modelu figures, 5742 has now had her crew fitted. I’ve also thinned the running plate steps down, a tip picked up from PMP and Alan Buttler. The plan this weekend is to get 7414 weathered, and also add […]

74XX in the making (Part 2)

The 74XX (I think I can call it that now) is pretty much finished, minus plates. I do need to add the tools to the rear hangers, and the top bunker lamp iron. I’m really pleased how this project has gone, I had originally thought such ‘surgery’ was beyond me, but a gentle push from […]

74XX in the making

Without sounding like a GWR expert (which I am really not!), the 64XX has been a welcome model for GWR modellers, and with Bachmann’s forthcoming Hawksworth Autocoach, is going to look rather nice trundling up many GWR branch layouts. Of course, as I’ve said before, the Bala-Blaenau line wasn’t your typical GWR Branch. There are […]

Goodies from York

I had an enjoyable day yesterday at the 2015 York Model Railway Show. I often find it’s the social side that I enjoy most at shows, chatting amongst like minded friends and discussing current projects. York always has excellent trade in the form of the cottage industries. I will admit I didn’t utilise that yesterday, as […]