This week…. Ballasting!

Yep, it’s that mundane task that we all have to go through at some point. Maybe it’s because I’ve only got a smallish single track layout, but I’ve actually enjoyed it. I tried out a couple of methods on a test piece but in the end went with the old and tested method of applying […]

Surprise in the Post-Lamps!

Nice little surprise in the post. Prototypes of Alan Buttler’s Modelu companies next product. 4mm Lamps. This has been an area of the hobby which has been somewhat lacking. These are the first prototypes, so I will not be doing a full review for a few weeks, as I know Modelu wish to modify the […]

On Track-Part 1

On this coming Saturday, Mr Andy Cooper is visiting to kindly give me a hand building the points on Cwm Prysor. I’ve never done this before so it will be a good learning experience. Andy set me my homework, to glue the timber sleepers into place, which makes things a lot easier come the weekend. […]