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Birthdays, Trains and Photography

Hopefully in the right order as stated above! Today is my 29th Birthday, one year off the big Three Zero!!

Numerous goodies welcomed me today….and should keep me out of mischief! 10409724_10152463583502984_1118838219743504116_n

I’ve also spent an enjoyable day with my four legged best friend on the North Yorkshire Coast….on a a former railway trackbed no less….what could be better?


Now yesterday, I spent an enjoyable day operating Tony Wright’s Little Bytham with my good friend Simon Roberts. Tony insists on good running, and yesterday was no exception. As a parting Birthday gift, Tony made a disk with a selection of photos of locos I’ve weathered, some my own, others and his own that I’ve worked on. Tony has kindly allowed me to post these online, and here is a selection.

Graham Nicholas’s 4479 ‘Robert the Devil’ which I weathered for his layout ‘Grantham’

4479 01

4479 03 B&W

Tony’s A3 60054 ‘Prince of Wales’. Tony asked that I depict her ex works, so I worked from a photo on the front cover of Keith Pirt’s ‘Grantham’ book. The photo on the cover was actually Sir Frederick Branbury, however her boiler and tender combinations were exactly the same.

60054 03

Tony’s K1, built from a DMR kit. Lovely loco to work on. I used a photo from the Ian allen book ‘LNER 2-6-0s’.

K1 33 finished

Finally, Tony’s Hornby B1 which I photographed at the end of last week. As I think I mentioned at the time, I worked from a photo from the Hugh Ballantyne book ‘Eastern Region Steam in Colour’. Ironically, Tony’s loco is a Colwick engine….as was the photo I worked from in the book.



Right, I think that’s enough photos for now (apologies it’s been a bit of a photo heavy post). I need to crack on with detailing up my first 57XX… excuses now I have those ‘Pannier Papers’!


As you have probably seen, my blog has gone through a bit of a revamp. Now that I’m doing modelling other than just LNER, 50AWorks didn’t seem right. I now present TFModelling (make a note of it, as the old link doesn’t work anymore), which I think has an obvious connection to me, as well as to my new modelling project. What is interesting is some of the private messages I have received regarding my new project, and if I’m honest…you would think I was changing religion, rather than modelling another area. I think in some quarters it’s felt that I’m abandoning the LNER. I can assure you that this certainly is not the case. Thirsk is one heck of a long term project, and I’m self employed with an income that fluctuates. I wanted another project that was less complicated, that I can cut my teeth on and build my skill base up, in particular on track and scratch building. Does it really matter that it isn’t LNER?


Not LNER…..but what character!

I’d say I am (or want to be) a modeller. I would much prefer to admire a well built and operated Southern layout, than a crap LNER one. There are many LNER modellers I admire out there who I can also call friends (the likes of Tony Wright and Roy Jackson). However some of the work I find most fascinating comes from modellers who model areas not particular on my radar. My friend Andy Jones’s Herstmonceux , a beautiful layout set on the Southern, certainly worth a look no matter what area you model. Andy Cooper’s New Hay, another prime example of a layout modelled to a stunning standard of realism….his new layout North Ballachulish is certainly one to watch!

New hey station throat

Andy Cooper’s New Hey oozes L&Y!

Regarding the new layout….those who follow MU will have seen the current plans and I will go into more detail next week. In the meantime, I suggest you check out Geoff Forster’s Blog  and his Layout Llangunllo  and Paul Marshall-Potter’s Albion Yard. You could say they are the inspiration behind my current plans….stunning modelling that has set the bar high for me.

Albion Yard

PMP’s Albion Yard….a superb example of modelling realism.

If you feel the blog is no longer for you because it isn’t just about LNER content, then I’m sorry. If you are willing to stay….then I hope you find something of interest on this finescale adventure.