Stafford Show

I’ve just returned home from an enjoyable day at Stafford Model Railway Exhibition. I was helping out on Phil Greave’s lovely Ellesmere, and after some morning hiccups, settled down nicely. I have to say shunting is becoming the thing I really enjoy, and on Ellesmere it was no exception (especially with a 57XX at the […]

The Finishing Touches

With a great deal of time off during the Summer, I’ve thrown myself in to more goods stock for Cwm Prysor. The LMS vans I built several months ago, are now in Bauxite and two of them are now finished. I focussed on D1978 first, which was built from a Ratio body, Parkside under frame, with Lanarkshire […]

Vintage LMS

I’ve said it before, but I do have a thing for LMS Vans. The high sides and shallow roof profile make for a distinctive looking van. These two are both kits from  Cambrian Models. Both of these van’s represent slightly older variants of rolling stock, than the more common ratio van diagram. First up is […]

Blast form the Past

Something from my previous modelling life, an ex LNER Gresley Rebuild, B16/2. This was a commission, which has had a number of tweaks and has been lined out by Tony Wright followed by weathering by yours truly. The original intention was to sell it, however since weathering it, I’ve had second thoughts. 61437 in the […]

exLNER Open Wagon

I’ve been working on this wagon for the last month or so. Picking it up, doing some work on it, and then leaving it while I worked on the latest Pannier. This wagon was built by David Scott, and was finished in Pre 1936 LNER unfitted dark Grey. I began by removing the presfix transfers, […]