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Work in progress…more over the coming weeks.




Toad in the Hole

I’ve finally got around to working on that very Great Western of all things, a Toad Brake Van. This isn’t anything fancy, it’s just a simple repaint with minimal detailing. Previous models I have found have been a pain to get into and due to excess glue, I have snapped stanchions off the body, so with this example I haven’t altered the bulk head position. I also haven’t removed the moulded handrails. I did try on a spare body, but… be frank, gave up.

The finished result…..I’m happy with it. The main issue for me, was the colour. As regular readers will know, I really do not like Bachmann’s unfitted grey, so the model has been sprayed with Revell 76. I replaced the RCH buffers with GWR (Lanarkshire Models), so that the model resembles something a bit closer to an AA15.

I have fitted Laser glaze at the outer end windows. Annoyingly, when I came to fix the inner windows under the verandah with Klear, both fell through and have stuck inside. I’ll pick some more glazing up at Expo EM North…..or I might just leave it as it is.

I have numbered this Toad as W68669, which is actually preserved at the Llangollen Railway. Thanks to Nicholas Davies for his helpful research, we know W68669 was actually a Bala allocated Toad. The Bachmann model was originally branded Stourbridge which I removed, but retained the rest of the branding. BALA, was made up of Heavy Franklin font transfers from Fox. She was finished off with instanter couplings and weathering.




Next up is an early build BR 12T Van (Bachmann). I have added instanter couplings, tie bars, and upright vac pipes (as fitted to the early batch of BR Vans). I paid special attention on the corrugated ends, trying to differentiate between the wood and the steel.




It really wouldn’t be right to not include a Pannier, so here is 7414 posing alongside the Bala Toad.

It’s a funny thought that the real 7414 probably shunted the real W68669 over half a century ago……oh to have a time machine!

You dirty old (Brake) Van!!

As an epilogue to yesterdays blog post. I’ve finally finished my BR 20T Brake Van. This was originally a bachmann offering, which has had the inner verandah altered. Bachmann produced it planked on the inside, when it should  ply.





Since I took these photographs I’ve added correct lamp configurations for an unfitted train seen as that is what all pick up goods are. It’s certainly a step in the right direction, as I can now depict a typical pick up fright on the branch.

Hopefully  Modelu will produce a guard figure, and if so one shall have pride of place on the verandah of this Brake Van. 🙂

Pannier Pentathlon


My current Pannier fleet. Five in total detailed and weathered (three 57XX, two 74XX). You could quite easily run an exhibition layout on these five, however variety is the spice of life and i’m somewhat addicted to detailing these Panniers, so there will be more of both classes.

Five of Croes Newydd’s work horses, ready to storm up the Snowdonia Mountains. 🙂

57’s coming out of my ears!

It’s probably becoming rather tedious now…yes another 57XX!


9793, another Croes Newydd long term resident (over 10 years). I’ve a couple of photos of her on the Branch, clearly all taken on the same day, one at Frongoch on a Bala-Blaenau train. The second at Trawsfynydd on the return working. There is also a couple of photos from 1961 of her double heading a freight at Arenig with sister loco, 9752.




I’ve a P2 to do next for a gentleman, and then I must tackle my Comet Brake Composite. I then at least have something passenger related for my Panniers to haul.

Another 74XX and Cwm Prysor trekking!


With one 74XX already in the bag, I decided to crack on with the second, 7431 another regular on the branch. 7431 has a couple of variations compared to the other 74s I shall be modelling. 7431’s running plate lamp irons under the tanks, are further forward (above the front left hand side driving wheel), not further back like the majority. Secondly the centre lamp iron near the front coupling is of type seen on the rear bunker, not the ‘shepherd’s crook’ type.



The photo I was working from of 7431 had it’s rear and top hatch open, which I’ve also tried to depict.



7431 will be part of an article to be published in Railway Modeller, at the beginning of next year.

With my work finished for the Summer, I headed over to North Wales for the day. First stop was the lovely Llangollen Railway, where I met up with fellow modeller Alan Buttler. It was a Vintage Vehicle weekend, so there were more trains in service. I particularly wanted to see 6430 working the auto train. 6430 is one of the later batch of 64XX, which have the cab like a 74, so from my point of view, it was closest I would ever get to see 74XX.

5199 runs around it’s train.



6430 with it’s auto train. A scene from a bygone age.

IMG_8224 IMG_8227


Afterwards, the heavens opened, and Al and I set off up to Cwm Prysor, around 25/30 miles from Carrog Station. Thankfully the weather cleared up slightly while we had a wonder around. There were couple of areas I particularly wanted photos off, including reference photos for my back scene which Tony Wright will be painting.

Arenig Fawr, the backdrop being the station, a rather imposing site.


The retaining wall on the embankment.


I had seen on diagrams and maps, that there appeared to be a stream that went under the embankment and fed into Llyn Tryweryn. Standing on the far side of the lake, I managed to snap this shot of it, which is good enough for what I need to model it I think.


Apologies for such a lengthy post, but hopefully it should be of interest. 🙂 Thanks again to Al for his company yesterday.

Something a bit different…… An ECML mighty V2

Something a bit different indeed….a refreshing break from working on wagons. This V2 is part of Tony Wright’s Little Bytham fleet and belongs to Ian Wilson of Pacific Model. This is a standard Bachmann V2 (of the last release with new chassis). Tony has added a single chimney, and separate fitting dome. Tony had also removed the moulded oversize boiler bands, and replaced with transfers, which are more to scale before brush painting the boiler with a matt green. _MG_8006

I worked from this 1962 photo on flickr of sister loco 60935 at York.

c.08/1962 - Holgate Junction, York.

The challenge was not just the weathering, but to make the matt green brush painted boiler, match the sheen of the bachmann factory finish (recent bachmann BR green is a rather nice satin colour). So after several coats of Klear, I think it has matched rather well. 60862 will be returning to Little Bytham this weekend for a good running in.