Prysor for Christmas

Good tidings to all at this festive time of year. In the last couple of days I’ve been preparing the work room for the arrival of the layout. Tim Horn has worked exceptionally hard to bring my rough ideas into reality. From here, the real work can begin on turing this into an operational layout, […]

Building E147…progress continues….

This wasn’t what was originally planned as an entry today. Instead I was going to be doing the follow up post to the visit to Wales, and location spotting for the Cwm Prysor extension. I’ll do an entry on that later in the week. In the meantime, I recently visited Mr Tony Wright for some […]

Playing trains in Wonderful Wales

I have just spent a lovely few days in Wales, as a mini Birthday Holiday. The plan was to spend some time doing some location searching regarding the Blaenau Branch, but most importantly to visit and operate Geoff Taylor’s layout, Barmouth Junction. Weather was awful on the journey over on Wednesday, with thick flog surrounding […]

Building my first etched coach, Comet Models E147

Work is going well with my first etched coach kit, ex GWR ‘E147’. Strictly speaking, this isn’t a coach that I believe worked on the Bala-Blaenau Branch but it a variety of Non Corridor Brake Composite. The two most common coaches used on the line are not produced in model form, those being the Collett E157 […]

You dirty old (Brake) Van!!

As an epilogue to yesterdays blog post. I’ve finally finished my BR 20T Brake Van. This was originally a bachmann offering, which has had the inner verandah altered. Bachmann produced it planked on the inside, when it should  ply. Since I took these photographs I’ve added correct lamp configurations for an unfitted train seen as […]

57’s coming out of my ears!

It’s probably becoming rather tedious now…yes another 57XX! 9793, another Croes Newydd long term resident (over 10 years). I’ve a couple of photos of her on the Branch, clearly all taken on the same day, one at Frongoch on a Bala-Blaenau train. The second at Trawsfynydd on the return working. There is also a couple […]

Another 74XX and Cwm Prysor trekking!

With one 74XX already in the bag, I decided to crack on with the second, 7431 another regular on the branch. 7431 has a couple of variations compared to the other 74s I shall be modelling. 7431’s running plate lamp irons under the tanks, are further forward (above the front left hand side driving wheel), […]

exLNER Open Wagon

I’ve been working on this wagon for the last month or so. Picking it up, doing some work on it, and then leaving it while I worked on the latest Pannier. This wagon was built by David Scott, and was finished in Pre 1936 LNER unfitted dark Grey. I began by removing the presfix transfers, […]

Second Pannier for Cwm Prysor (ex works!)

Evening all! Over the past week or so, I’ve been working away on the second 57XX for Cwm Prysor. It’s interesting with this being my second Pannier, how things have progressed far quicker, but I suppose that was naturally going to happen. It is a rather satisfying feeling when one gets to this stage in […]