2017 – Cwm Prysor’s Time!

Firstly, a belated Happy New Year to everyone.

You may have noted things have been rather quiet around these parts. I have decided to cut down my online presence as I felt I was saturating my work by posting on the FB page, modelling forums and here. It seems best to focus on one place, and those that are interested will find me here, on the blog. I also needed the Christmas period to rid myself of some demons, so it’s fair to say 2017 feels like a real fresh start.

So, to kick things off…. those of you that read the model railway magazines may have seen I had an article in this months Railway Modeller on the goods stock for Cwm Prysor. It was an interesting article to write and I can’t thank Steve Flint and Railway Modeller enough for giving me the opportunity to share my ramblings. What is nice is that this article, and the subsequent two I’ve written, are all gearing up for the big one…’Cwm Prysor’ which will be appearing in the Modeller (probably next year).


As for Cwm Prysor, I took a break from the layout over Christmas, but since the New Year progress has been coming on well. The platform is now in place, the landscape is fully formed around it and we even have the shelter in place (courtesy of Geoff Taylor). The station area has had plasticard added so there is a nice flat base for the station building, plus a seamless join into the level crossing.

Recent work though has seen the dilapidated snow defences put into place. I’ve seen a photo from around 1910 where these sleeper defences are all standing in place, neat and proper. By the 1950s though, they were really uncared for and that is how they are represented on the layout. Special thank to Tim Horn for supplying the laser cut sleepers.


Finally, I’ve begun work on the over bridge at the Blaenau end of the layout. Tim kindly laser cut the MDF pieces for the buttresses to my specifications. The bridge itself I have no photos of it, so I’ve based it on the one further down the line at Capel Celyn. The girders are by plaststruct with 20 thou plasticard on top. The railings are from Geoff Taylor’s etched range of building accessories. These need shortening which will be done tomorrow, before I primer the girder/railings and spray satin black. The buttresses will be coated in Das modelling clay, and then a few weeks later the stone work will be scribed.


Everything is coming together nicely, I’ve ordered the scenic bits to do the lake and stream and all the grass work is here for when it’s needed. So there is lots going on at the moment!

2017 is Cwm Prysor’s year!

‘Dad and Lass’ courtesy of Modelu – forever on my layouts….




As you have probably seen, my blog has gone through a bit of a revamp. Now that I’m doing modelling other than just LNER, 50AWorks didn’t seem right. I now present TFModelling (make a note of it, as the old link doesn’t work anymore), which I think has an obvious connection to me, as well as to my new modelling project. What is interesting is some of the private messages I have received regarding my new project, and if I’m honest…you would think I was changing religion, rather than modelling another area. I think in some quarters it’s felt that I’m abandoning the LNER. I can assure you that this certainly is not the case. Thirsk is one heck of a long term project, and I’m self employed with an income that fluctuates. I wanted another project that was less complicated, that I can cut my teeth on and build my skill base up, in particular on track and scratch building. Does it really matter that it isn’t LNER?


Not LNER…..but what character!

I’d say I am (or want to be) a modeller. I would much prefer to admire a well built and operated Southern layout, than a crap LNER one. There are many LNER modellers I admire out there who I can also call friends (the likes of Tony Wright and Roy Jackson). However some of the work I find most fascinating comes from modellers who model areas not particular on my radar. My friend Andy Jones’s Herstmonceux , a beautiful layout set on the Southern, certainly worth a look no matter what area you model. Andy Cooper’s New Hay, another prime example of a layout modelled to a stunning standard of realism….his new layout North Ballachulish is certainly one to watch!

New hey station throat

Andy Cooper’s New Hey oozes L&Y!

Regarding the new layout….those who follow MU will have seen the current plans and I will go into more detail next week. In the meantime, I suggest you check out Geoff Forster’s Blog  and his Layout Llangunllo  and Paul Marshall-Potter’s Albion Yard. You could say they are the inspiration behind my current plans….stunning modelling that has set the bar high for me.

Albion Yard

PMP’s Albion Yard….a superb example of modelling realism.

If you feel the blog is no longer for you because it isn’t just about LNER content, then I’m sorry. If you are willing to stay….then I hope you find something of interest on this finescale adventure.