Mineral Wagons – Part 2 ‘BR 16T’

Over the past week, my hobby time has been spent working on the Bachmann BR 16T I repainted in my last update. This was a project I had initially been dreading, as steel bodied 16Ts have a particular look, and many models I’ve seen just do not look right. When it came to adding the […]

The LMS Brigade

Like many things, variety is the spice of life as they say. I find that I go through phases of what I enjoy modelling. Occasionally I fancy working on a Pannier, other times rolling stock and currently, it’s vans that have my attention. I find Vans in particular interesting (I blame that Pennine chap!), in […]

Box Vans

Simple title, for a far than simple subject. Currently working through weathering wagon stock, first up is a ratio LMS unfitted Van (my first wagon kit too). It was rather a straight forward kit to go together. I must admit I’m particularly pleased with this one, as the RTR equivalent dimensionally incorrect (It’s part of […]

Wagon Weathering continued…

Since my last update, I’ve been working on a further couple of items of rolling stock. In particular the ex SR unfitted van, and more recently, an ex PO unfitted wagon. The ex PO wagon’s first modification was the painting of the interior (the factory finish was a sort of maroon/brown colour). I then began […]